AFA Virtual Coin Launched by Argentina Football Association
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AFA Virtual Coin Launched by Argentina Football Association

May 20, 2020      Zain Raza

Argentina loves football, the game rules the heart of its people more than anything. The best way to enhance the adoption of anything in the country or to turn it alluring, it would be through football and it feels like that’s the route cryptocurrency has taken in the country.  The Argentina Football Association (AFA)   recently announced the launch of its virtual league and is now coming up with an AFA virtual coin to add to the roaster of its new project. The association states that this coin would further enhance the project and make the virtual league more attractive to its users by helping in funding the financial projects.

What Will the AFA Virtual Coin Offer

The AFA virtual coin runs on Ethereum and the federation has minted a billion of it, priced at $1 per token. The fans had multiple options at their disposal to buy the token through cash, credit cards banks etc. The money raised from the token sale would be used to develop stadiums, enhance the training sessions and betterment of other football-related activities. The football federation states that the token would soon get listed know too exchanges too.

The AFA virtual coin would be used to power some service in the virtual league but the AFA is yet to clearly define what those services are. However, they confirm the buying, selling and trading of the token would be simple and time-efficient as it can be done through laptops and even mobile apps.

Football has lately turned into a crypto wonderland as it helping its blockchain and crypto adoption. has tied up with leagues and clubs across the globe to use blockchain technology to increase fans engagement and experience.  Various elite clubs like Leonel Messi led FC Barcelona have also issued crypto tokens for the fans.

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