All You Need To Know About BAT
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All You Need To Know About BAT

July 8, 2020      Aditya Nagar

If you are abreast of all crypto news, then, you must have read about the activities of scams and hacking in the crypto world. The more promising cryptocurrency seems to be, the more it is at risk of fraud and scams. But what if you come to know about a solution that erases such digital problems? Aren’t you be surprised? Of course yes. So today we are letting you know about BAT. In other words, Basic Attention Token. After knowing about this token features, some would certainly put it in the category of trick or scam. Well, they can’t be blamed enough for this. The elimination of the third party in connectivity between publishers, users, and advertisers do seem like an imagination. But when you completely dwell into it, then you will find that it is not a fantasy but real. This blog lets you know about BAT, and its brief history and its use. So let us move ahead.

Know About BAT

As mentioned above, the full form of BAT is Basic Attention Token. It can be understood as a utility token which is open-sourced and decentralized that has its base on the Ethereum blockchain. These features make it special. The team involved in BAT has an objective to make it much well-known and letting it reach to prevailing web browsers.

Brief History Of BAT

The person behind the creation of BAT is Brendan Eich. Later on, Brave Software is known to have developed it further. This implies to the fact that they have no adjoined participation, but a separate initiative. The overall motive about BAT token is erasing off the cheating and middleman connected with regular digital methods of advertising. The founder of the BAT had a straight objective in helping the users, customers, and advertisers. While using the web, he focused on keeping away any sort of problem. In due course, he came up with the idea of an ecosystem with a firm objective of achieving the same.

With time, from the foundation and dispensing BAT tokens, some special features of BAT were supposed to be merged into a particular web browser known to be as Brave browser. The developers are known to have curated these features to get it placed in the Brave Payment program. Despite being usually associated with this program; it was not centred around it. BAT could fit well into other web browsers also.

Working Of BAT

All the three trios; advertisers, users, and publishers visit Brave web browser with only one purpose about BATs. This web browser changes into a secluded sort of ecosystem. The content which is created by the publishers is placed. Advertisers then approach them and provide a certain quantity of BATs. The decision is then taken on this quantity according to the user’s constant attention. Then, in turn, gets the BATs for active participation. Now they are equipped with two options. One is utilizing them on the platform or prefers to giving these BAT tokens to the publishers. The objective here is very easy to understand: all the user’s data is being kept secured and private by the tokens, and along with it, offering special personalized ads. It applies to the user’s behalf.

Getting Basic Attention Tokens is profitable for the publishers, as they see minimum fraud by making the best use of reward during the process. And in turn, advertisers get the finest accurate reports with growing performance.


So this is all about BAT. Today we let you know about its brief introduction, historical background and working. With passing time, the need for BAT will increase more and more. After all, if there is any technology that provides improvement with a modern security mechanism, then it is certainly welcomed for the welfare of digital marketing. It is not a hidden fact that we daily experience some kind of scamming and hacking activities. A mechanism like BAT is no lesser an angel solution for online shopping and digital currency. To know about the recent developments in cryptocurrency, it is better to be abreast of live crypto news.

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