Are Crypto Debit Cards Worth It?
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Are Crypto Debit Cards Worth It?

November 6, 2020      Guest Author

COVID-19 has spurred the spread of electronic payments worldwide. Our economy is becoming increasingly cashless. Cryptocurrencies offer many benefits to customers and businesses, but you still can experience difficulties if you want to pay with Bitcoin in a brick-and-mortar store. Luckily, there is a smart solution – a special debit card.

Today, digital payments are a new and safer norm. With a crypto debit card like the one from the site, you can use cryptocurrencies for any offline and online payments. The amount is instantly converted into fiat, and these Debit Cards work like any other regular bank card.

Geography and Currencies

At the moment, such services are accessible internationally, including the residents of the European Union who can convert crypto to Euro. They come with crypto wallets and an Android or iOS app, so you can manage your transactions easily. Currencies are exchanged in an instant. Most card companies provide a multi-currency wallet that supports Bitcoin and other major currencies like Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple that can be cashed out using the card.

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How It Works

Generally, holders can transfer funds between their crypto wallets and crypto cards. A single wallet may work with several cryptocurrencies, and conversion to Euro is instant. Users exchange money via the app.

The card is not connected to a bank account. Holders can receive payments from around the world in Bitcoin and other currencies. The balance in euro may be used for any transactions online and offline – like with any regular Visa card. Aside from paying for any goods and services online, you can:

  • pay any bills,
  • make transfers to other cardholders,

The Emergence of Crypto Cards

Emergence of Crypto Cards

Before the advent of crypto cards, people with crypto would use payment processors to convert their funds. To pay for any goods and services, they had to exchange crypto for fiat on third-party platforms. This was hardly convenient if you had to make payments daily. Thus, crypto cards were born.

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The first versions of the Crypto card had low limits for daily transactions, and fees were charged for loading the card with crypto. However, cards have evolved, and now, a lot of companies like Trastra offer cards with higher daily withdrawal limits and without a cap on monthly withdrawals. There are also no card load fees and no fees for online or offline transactions in Euros.

Convenient Payment Method

These cards are a universal solution for the key problem with cryptocurrencies – the difficulty of their use and withdrawal. Now, you can convert Bitcoin or altcoins to fiat with a single tap in the app. A multi-currency wallet ensures maximized convenience. Use your crypto card like any regular debit card issued by a bank. Now, you can even withdraw funds from any ATM globally.

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