Around Two Dozen Of Tourism Related Services Accepts Litecoin Payments
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Around Two Dozen Of Tourism Related Services Accepts Litecoin Payments

February 18, 2020      Javeria

Cryptocurrencies till now have seen limited use in real-world, but as the time and awareness have increased in the past years, many crypto service providers are actively devising new services that can use crypto directly.  One such crypto is Litecoin which can be used now to book accommodation and travel services of more than two dozen services providers online. 

Travel And Accommodation Services Accepting Litecoin

Except some of the major crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., the others are considered dangerous and risky in nature. Litecoin, which has been criticized for copying Bitcoin, has successfully created its path of progress in the regard. Litecoin’s potential as a payment method can be seen from its growing use by travel and accommodation service providers which is aided by altcoins low transaction fee and faster confirmation time.

According to the reports, more than two dozens of travel service providers are accepting Litecoin as a payment method globally these days. Even though not most people would be interested in spending LTC for these purposes, it is an interesting development towards the mainstream use of Litecoin that can’t be ignored.

Crypto assets like Litecoin intends to facilitate payments globally for which its adoption rate among traders needs to be high. It is clear that the coin requires lots of improvement, but the current view isn’t that bad either. The more people will learn about crypto usage; the more crypto industry will thrive.

Both Litecoin and Bitcoin seem to serve similar purposes and is not that different from each other, although they do so in distinctive sections.

Litecoin Making A Comeback This Year

Litecoin is on its of a comeback since the beginning of 2020. The coin has set a new year high of $48 in just a few days representing a hike of around 10%. Even its hash rate is on a steady rise that has surged to 162 Th/s by now. The coin’s hash rate is expected to continue rising, which is encouraging miners and holder for its bullish potential. Increasing optimism in the crypto market can be considered as one of the reasons for the surge.

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