Ashton Kutcher Promotes Cryptograph, Burns His Original Artwork
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Ashton Kutcher Promotes Cryptograph, Burns His Original Artwork

August 21, 2020      Jyoti Singh

Hollywood Star tuned Venture Capitalist Ashton Kutcher has put his first digital art called ‘The Eye of the Beholder’ for the auction at Cryptograph, a blockchain-based art market.

Currently, Kutcher’s digital art piece has received the highest bid of 13.36 ETH, worth around $5400.

Recently, Kutcher released a video in which he has been seen explaining a new concept of the artwork. In the video, he burned a piece of paper on which has his drawings. Through the video, the Hollywood actor tries to demonstrate that although the physical original has been destroyed, still it would remain on the marketplace, forever.

Celebrities On Cryptograph

Apart from Kutcher, several other celebrities like Paris Hilton, Skeet Ulrich, and David Arquette have showcased their artworks on the blockchain-based market as well

According to the reports, a portion of ‘Two and a Half Men’ star’s sale would be donated to Global Wildlife Conservation and Oxygen Seven.

While sharing their views on the digital artwork of Kutcher, Cryptograph, mentioned that the actor drew a sketch inside the book and before burning the page of that book, he digitized it on the platform.

Further, the marketplace mentioned,

“His idea here is to show that his physical creation is fully transcending into the digital realm, where its authenticity and immortality is absolute.”

Ashton Kutcher’s Investment Firm Supports Crypto Firms

Cryptograph has reached in its second year and the artists use this platform for digitizing their physical artwork, as it is a well-known fact that arts saved on this platform could neither be copied nor be destroyed by anyone.

It is to be noted that celebrities on this platform donate a portion of their sale to a charity of their own choice.

The Hollywood star also owns two investment firm called A-Grade Investments and Sound Ventures. Since their establishment, both the firms have been supporting several crypto-related firms.

As per the report, recently, Paris Hilton has also put her artwork on Cryptograph which was sold for $17,000, now the industry is eager to know whether Kutcher’s artwork would get more money or not.

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