AToken Reached A Strategic Cooperation with DCPool | Launch 50% Off Flash Sale of Filecoin Cloud Computing Power
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AToken Reached A Strategic Cooperation with DCPool | Launch 50% Off Flash Sale of Filecoin Cloud Computing Power

July 9, 2020      Cryptoknowmics

It is reported that AToken and DCPool have reached a strategic cooperation. Both parties will work together to build a global distributed storage ecosystem and provide users five-star storage service of Filecoin cloud computing power. DCPool provides technical support to AToken’s first Filecoin cloud computing power product. DCPool adopts a cluster architecture to realize intelligent allocation of computing power and unlimited storage expansion.

DCPool is a software and hardware R&D technology enterprise focusing on the underlying technology of distributed storage and edge computing. Its core team consists of distributed storage application experts, blockchain experts, zero-knowledge proof experts, senior IT engineers and hardware engineers.

AToken Wallet is a light mobile wallet that supports safe and convenient multi-asset storage, third-party DApp access, and token swap. Now, there are more than 300 digital assets in AToken and the assets exceeds 1.1 billion US dollars. It serves a total of over 1.9 million users, of which 35,000 daily active users distributed in more than 130 countries around the world.

Through this strategic cooperation between AToken and DCPool, both parties will integrate advantageous resources in the industry, jointly promote the global community construction and ecological development of distributed storage and lead a new era of digital storage. To reward users’ long-term support, AToken will launch a 50% off flash sale of Filecoin cloud computing power. All users can enjoy 181 USDT/T subsidy if they purchase Filecoin cloud computing power in AToken wallet.

AToken is a digital currency wallet (hereinafter referred to as AToken) is built by former development core team of Huobi exchange wallet. It is a light mobile wallet that supports multi-currency storage, Defi combination and the access to third-party DApps and currency exchange.

AToken provides a wide range of cloud computing power products to meet users’ diversified needs. It simplifies the complex blockchain information in the underlying layer of product through advanced technology, realizing a user-friendly and easy to operate product logic. Users can understand the value of DeFi, flash swap, cloud computing power in AToken. Sneak peek at the flash sale of Filecoin cloud computing power:

  1. In this flash sale, user can only purchase Filecoin cloud computing power in AToken wallet;
  2. Purchase limit: 0.1T-144T per user, and the unit price per 0.1T is 19.9 USDT (the original price is 38 USDT/0.1T);
  3. Each wallet account can only purchase once, so please be cautious; if you want to purchase more cloud computing power, please contact AToken customer service in AToken Official English Telegram Group (;
  4. Proof of Stake: 0.1TB/year Filecoin computing power rental service;
  5. To reward users’ long-term support, users who succeed to purchase can contact customer service and gain BTC in AToken Lightning Network.
  6. More details can be viewed in AToken wallet after the event goes online.
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Download AToken and rush to buy Filecoin cloud computing power, participate in Filecoin 4M Testnet Incentive Program.

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