Average Ransomware Demand For Crypto In 2019 Reaches $115,000, Crypsis
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Average Ransomware Demand For Crypto In 2019 Reaches $115,000, Crypsis

June 8, 2020      Jyoti Singh

Crypsis Group, a cybersecurity firm, has recently released findings which shows that from the year 2018 to 2019, the total amount of cryptocurrency which has been demanded by the ransomware attackers was very high.

Paying ransom in cryptocurrency has become a popular approach among the ransomware attackers because of its untraceable nature.

200 Percent Increase In Ransomware Demand

According to the 2020 Incident Response and Data Breach Report of the company, in the year 2019, the average demand for ransomware was $115,123, that means there has been a surge of around 200 percent.

The report further mentions that if the average demand’s trend progress in a same manner as from the year 2018 to 2019, then in the year 2020, it would reach $230,000.

The Crypsis has mentioned that currently, the focus of ransomware attackers have moved towards the larger entities because of which the total amount of demand for ransomware has been increasing.

In recent time, despite targeting individuals for a few sum of dollars, the ransomware attackers are focusing on enterprises.

In its report, the Crypsis further notified, “Since 2018, threat actors have evolved from deploying mass-distributed phishing campaigns with lower ransom demands to highly-targeted, well-researched attacks on larger enterprises with deeper pockets”.

Ransomware Attackers Mostly Attack Healthcare Sector

The report suggested that in the year 2019, 22 percent of the ransomware matters were related to the healthcare sector and after that 13 percent were of the manufacturing sector.

As the demand for ransomware has been increased by 200 percent, it shows that compared to past, now, very few people agree to pay the attackers.

The report added that currently, the enterprises have also started maintaining their security measures, so in response to that, the attackers have updated their system. There have been incidents where the ransomware attacker deleted the company’s backup or even threaten them to release the sensitive data.

Crypsis in its report cited that presently, the attackers who are using The Maze for demanding ransomware are leading the game and rest others have just entered into it.

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Jyoti Singh
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