Azure Blockchain of Microsoft Migrates to ConsenSys Quorum Blockchain Service

Sahaj  |  May 31, 2021

Analysts are speculating whether the migration of Azure Blockchain of Microsoft to Quorum Blockchain Service of ConsenSys be a piece of good news or not. Hence lately, as similar to the cryptocurrency sector, the blockchain industry is constantly undergoing advanced developments.

Azure Blockchain of Microsoft Shifts to Quorum Blockchain Service of ConsenSys

It has been recently revealed that most of the enterprise blockchain solutions are migrating from private, closed networks to open, public systems. A major segment of this has been made possible due to the recent advancements in the Ethereum network, that are ensuring better expandability, privacy, throughput, and much for enterprise clients.

Microsoft has recently made an announcement regarding the migration of its Azure Blockchain Service to alternative offerings. 

Emmanuel Marchal, the Global Head of Sales for the blockchain company ConsenSys has said:

"ConsenSys is providing migration from the Azure Blockchain Service to the Quorum Blockchain Service offered on Azure. This has always been a part of our strategic relationship, to make sure that Azure customers have an enterprise-grade managed blockchain service with Quorum."

In addition to this, it includes having a managed service for Quorum, and based on the strong relationship between Microsoft and ConsenSys, Marchal explains:

"It makes sense to transition the Azure Blockchain Service users to QBS as the recommended migration strategy."

Will it be Good News for Tech-Giant

Although as of now, it may seem unfortunate for the Azure Blockchain Service of Microsoft that it is coming to an end, Marchal sees this as another milestone reached.

He says:

"ConsenSys maintains open-source Quorum technology. Azure Blockchain Service users using that private technology remain in good hands with ConsenSys moving forward, and we are confident about this migration."

Paul Brody, the Global Blockchain Lead at Ernst & Young addressed that the program of the Big Four firm with Microsoft and Xbox will remain unchanged and said:

"The Microsoft program to migrate software contracts for the Xbox ecosystem to Ethereum-based smart-contracts continues to gain steam, with over 300 companies now integrated."

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