BCA ID by BlockchainArmy Launched to Combat COVID-19
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BCA ID by BlockchainArmy Launched to Combat COVID-19

May 5, 2020      Zain Raza

A Blockchain consulting company called Blockchain Army has come forward to aid the government in their fight against the pandemic. They’ve launched BCA ID which runs on Blockchain and would help people on this app track the pandemic spread and also provide verified information to the user with everything related to the virus. The app is user friendly and is made in a way that it can tackle COVID-19 in all ways possible, digitally. The Blockchain-based app BCI ID requires people to fill a few details and sign up with their national id and its hassle-free.

How Does BCA ID Works

A bunch of quick questions are presented as soon as you log in which helps the user in better understanding whether they’ve come in touch with a COVID-19 patient or not. They can also provide details about themselves and do a mini test about their own health and safety. BCA ID is also jam-packed with various prevention measures and guidelines by the WHO. The company on April 17th also tweeted about healthcare and it seems now they have come up with something better than just tips to tackle.

The app also helps in locating nearby local test centre and also helps an individual schedule a test in one of them. Measures have been taken by the Blockchainarmy to make sure the platform stays free from fake information. The use of GPS in-app would help better track the COVID -19 victim. Test conducted, results everything would be stored in the app for easy access.

The situation is abysmal but apps like BCA ID comes as good news for the government who are in dire need for every ounce of help they can muster. The BCA ID would store data on its Blockchain which would not only help the cause right now but in future too, it would be handy to have the data in one place as the corona chapter is far from over in major parts of the world.

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