Best Apps To Earn Crypto Rewards And Cashback In 2020
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Best Apps To Earn Crypto Rewards And Cashback In 2020

April 24, 2020      Tarulika Jain

Before buying anything online, do you also look for the cashback and rewards? Accept it or not, even little cashback feels like we have won some race! Anyways, in this money-saving movement, cryptocurrency is also not left behind (Though relatively late!). Bitcoin centric reward programs are one of the new approaches to earn the Bitcoins passively (actually you can hold back some without buying BTC). We are well aware of crypto exchanges, about the process of purchasing cryptocurrency but still not well aware of the services of Rakuten, Honey, Ibotta, or Drop. In this article, we will try to get you familiar with Bitcoin cashback and also mention some of the best online websites or best apps to earn crypto rewards which can save some of your coins( for some more shopping!).

Crypto Cashback: What Does It Mean?|Best Apps To Earn Crypto Rewards 


What is cashback


You must be wondering if crypto cashback is similar to the other cashback where you simply complete the payment and you get some percentage of the money spent, back into your wallet! Yes, it is similar to the cashback perks but you will get back a fraction of what you spent in Bitcoins (not in any fiat!) to your account. In this way you can save money or your BTC while doing online shopping, making a hotel booking, buying a travel ticket and many more. (Depends on your skills to search the best offers!!). Cashbacks, coupons, rewards, and rebates, these terms may make you skeptical about the platforms you are using to make your purchase. Don’t worry, we are here to cover top apps for cryptocurrency awards which are reliable in crypto space and you can easily do your need full with plenty of options available on them.

Best Apps To Earn Crypto Rewards In 2020


Top apps to earn cryptocurrency cashback and rewards


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Let us start exploring the options to earn cryptocurrency cashback and rewards while shopping the food products, books, pet supplies, and many more; paying with credit/debit cards or even while watching the advertisements.

  • Lolli (Spend Less And Shop More!)




Lolli is a bitcoin cashback app that can let you earn free bitcoin when you shop online for over 500+ brands all across the web starting from food to pet supplies. It has become popular in no time after its launch due to its user-friendly interface, variety of brands supported, and easy installation process(desktop only!). A number of brands including the travel industry (, Expedia, etc), food providers (Coffee bean & Tea Leaf, Postmates, etc), Fashion and beauty sector( Sephora, Nike, Topshop, etc) to entertainment (Groupon, best buy) and services industry (GoDaddy, Udemy, etc) and many more offer the bitcoin in the reward when you shop from Lolli.

  • Pei (No fees charged but BTC rewards while paying from debit/credit cards)




Pei, a mobile app for both Android and iOS users which instantly transfer some of the BTC to you whenever you buy something from your debit/credit card. You can earn BTC, USD, and gift cards by just making payment from your affiliated card. One of the striking features which turns it into one of the best apps to earn crypto rewards is that it offers double-dip rewards. It means you not only receive cashback but also the Pei points which can be redeemed on their website and you can shop more!

  • Foldapp (Earn not only online but offline too!)




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Foldapp is a little different from other crypto rewarding apps as it helps you get crypto coins when you are actually shopping at the stores of retailers (US, UK, CA, MX). Foldapp offers you a prepaid program to buy gift cards from a particular retailer but before making your purchase! This particular gift card can let you earn bitcoin rewards and cashback.

  • Bitcoin Rewards (Name says it All!)


Bitcoin rewards


Bitcoin Reward as its name speaks is a cashback platform offering a chance to you to earn free Bitcoins whenever you shop online from the selected brands partnered with BTC Rewards. Along with BTC, you can choose from BCH and BNB, to complete your payment. You just need to select the category and you will be provided with a massive list of retailers to choose from. It constantly updates social media platforms of the latest cashback offers and other gift coupons associated with Bitcoins.

  • Coinseed (Earn on Amazon, Walmart, and eBay)




Amazon!! Yeah, our favorite one-stop solution either we think of buying electronic appliances or the beautiful piece of furniture for our house. And now, Coinseed lets you earn Bitcoins while shopping from Amazon, eBay and Walmart. Coinseed stands out as one of the best apps to earn cryptocurrency cashback, as it not only allows to earn cashback from its platform Crypto Cash Back but also provides you a platform for automated investment and trading.

  • Captain Bitcoin (Earn rewards for watching short ads)


captain bitcoin


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You are watching your favorite gig and here comes a 15 sec YouTube advertisement (which cannot be skipped even!), total mood spoilt! I assume that you are well aware of this situation, but tell me would you feel the same if you are getting paid to watch that advertisement? Captain Bitcoin (not a new coin but a platform!) offers cashback and rewards to watch particular advertisements of the range of broadly reputed companies.

  • Earn.Com (Complete interesting tasks, Take your reward)




Can you spare some of your time to complete a questionnaire or answer some specific emails? Now, what if we tell you that you can earn free cryptocurrency by completing several 5 minutes tasks? is one of the applications which offers a small denomination of Bitcoin after you complete the specified tasks given. You can easily cash out the earned coins and can spend them in the way you want.

  • Stormshop (Shop online and enjoy the cashback!)


Storm shop


With availability in more than 187 countries and is connected to more than 400 merchants, it makes Stormshop top app to earn crypto cashback which can be easily browsed through your mobiles (both Android and iOS). Cashbacks and rewards are available in a variety of cryptocurrencies like ETH, LTC, DAI, Storm, and many more.

Summing Up

Don’t you want to try your hands on some of the apps to earn crypto rewards? So, don’t wait and check out some of the websites and earn a small part of the Bitcoins with everything you shop, every small task you complete, or even when you are paying with your cards or just watching some advertisements.

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