An Overview Of The Best EOS Dapps in 2020
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An Overview Of The Best EOS Dapps in 2020

April 21, 2020      Javeria

Besides, Ethereum, EOS is considered as one of the best infrastructures for Dapps. Well, if you are looking for the best EOS decentralized applications, we suppose you already know about its blockchain and cryptocurrency. If not then no worries, we will give you a short introduction to EOS blockchain first and then start with the reviews of some best EOS Dapps. Let’s get started without wasting another moment.

What is EOS?


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EOS is one of the top blockchain network projects in cryptocurrency. The project was created with the purpose to built most effective enterprise-grade Decentralized applications. The platform enables the development of blockchain-based apps that are secure, authentic similarly as the web-based apps.

Another best thing about EOS blockchain is its fast transaction speed. Unlike Ethereum which can only process 15 transactions in a second, EOS holds the power to execute millions of transactions per second. So, now that you know what is EOS, let’s start with the list of best EOS dApps.

Five Best EOS dApps of 2020





BetDice is a profit-sharing game built on EOS blockchain. The game lets you earn profit simply by depositing DICE tokens. BetDice is listed among the top EOS decentralized apps having over 3 million daily transaction volume.

You can also earn profits by playing gambling and betting. The more you play, the more you earn which you can then multiply by betting. There are various levels of the game and each level is passed by collected 1000 EOS tokens. The thing about the betting game on BetDice is that even if you fail you still get BetDice tokens for participating. Then you can either sell these tokens on other platforms or even earn bonuses on directly on BetDice.

Some of the games available on this dApp are Baccara, Blackjack, Dice and Lottery.

Anyone with EOS account can play the game and earn daily profits for free.

PRA Candybox


PRA Candybox


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This is another Dapp built on EOS blockchain that allows users to claim EOS tokens. You can earn tokens in ever 3-4 hours and then use them to multiply and earn more PRA tokens. The best thing about this EOS decentralized application is that you can integrate it with more than 20 wallets that include Lynx, MEET.ONE and NOVA wallet.

PRA Candybox is among the best cryptocurrency dApps to attract more than 10 wallets and thousands of users in a relatively short period. However, we must mention that the team needs to work on the compatibility of these supported wallets as some of them are having bugs and issues with speed.

EOS Dynasty: An overview


EOS Dynasty


Unlike other dApps, this game is really interesting and fun to play. If you have played EOS Knights before and liked it then you will surely like this game too. You can enjoy playing the game as well as earn profits in the form of EOS tokens. Users play and unlock game characters, roadmaps, armours, weapons and other such items.

Users collect these items by killing monsters in the march game. The more you play, the more powerful you become and the more you can earn eventually.

To get yourself into the gameplay, you need to do some hard work. After you launch the EOS Dynasty, there are several options to access the gameplay. Only one of them is free and others would need you to use your EOS coins. If you want to play the march game for free, select Wombat from the list of options available.

You can earn both EOS coins and the game’s token which is called Tiger Runes. As you earn and unlock resources in the game, you can sell it for EOS tokens.





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Now, this is a little bit different from other dApps built on EOS blockchain. The game pays you for your good deeds. If you always thought that you are good for nothing, play this game and earn for free. This dApp helps you stay positive by doing certain tasks and leaves an exponential effect on your daily life.

The app lets you earn a reward by doing several things that include posting photos and videos on the platform to inspire others. The more you engage with the app, the more are the chances to earn rewards. To stake or un-stake rewards on the app, you will need the wallet. Staking is only possible once in a year on the 10th of September. However, you can un-stake rewards every once in a week.

Trust Dice 


Trust Dice 


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Trust Dice is a casino game built on EOS blockchain that offers TXT tokens as rewards. It is one of the most interested and reputable Bitcoin gambling casino game. From jackpots to free spin prizes, multi-coin faucets, exciting games, this dApp has it all. Apart from EOS tokens, the decentralized application also accepts plenty of other cryptocurrency tokens including, BTC, ETH, TXT, USDT, VITA, UUU, MEETONE, LYNX etc.

The best thing about Trust Dice is that it is completely anonymous and you won’t have to go through any verification or provide your details. The faucet also lets users earn Bitcoin for free which is the reason for high traffic on the app.


These were the five best EOS dApps in 2020. If you want to explore more about such EOS dApps, other options include, Newdex, Poker EOS, BigGame, EOSjacks, VsBet etc. Before signing up on any of these dApps, make sure you do proper research about them all and clear all your doubts beforehand. Do check out what wallets are supported with the apps and all the other requirements to earn profits.

There are already more than 500 EOS dApps and more are in its way. Keep yourself updated to the latest EOS and Etheruem dApps through our guides.


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