Binance’s DOCK Trading Competition, Winner To Get $50,000

Jyoti  |  Sep 25, 2020

The world’s largest crypto exchange, Binance, announced DOCK trading competition, with a reward of $50,000, on September 25.

The crypto exchange in its blog post has notified that the competition will start on September 26, at midnight, and will end on Oct 02, 23:59 PM. 

Three Kinds Of Promotion

Binance will be organizing three kinds of Promotions.

(i) Promotion A- New user exclusive rewards of $10,000 in DOCK

(ii) Promotion B- DOCK trading competition

(iii) Promotion C- Trade DOCK to share a bonus of $15,000 in DOCK tokens.

According to the reports, as the competition starts, any of the Binance users can take part in it. They’ll just have to register themselves in the Promotion A and then complete one of the tasks mentioned. 

The participants would either have to trade 20,000 or more DOCK in trading pair available on Binance, or deposit 20,000 DOCK from any other exchange to Binance.

The exchange, in its notification, has mentioned that the exclusive prize for this promotion is $10,000.

Binance To Reward Users With DOCK

In Promotion B of the competition, Binance will go through the total trading volume of the users and then rank them according to it. The trading volume of the users will depend on the buying and selling of all available trading pairs of DOCK token.

In this Promotion, the top 10 users will be rewarded by Binance. Individuals holding the first position will get $8,000 worth of DOCK tokens, second will get $4,000 worth of DOCK tokens and so on remaining $13,000 worth of DOCK will be issued.

Then in Promotion C, Binance will pool a prize of $15,000 in DOCK tokens. The crypto exchange has stated that the users with a trading volume of 200,000 DOCK or more could get a bonus of $15,000 prize pool. 

Notably, any user buying or selling a total of 200,000 DOCKS during the competition would get rewarded with the prize pool bonus.

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