Binance.US Cites Ripple XRP As Future Of Banking Remittance Services
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Binance.US Cites Ripple XRP As Future Of Banking Remittance Services

February 13, 2020      Shailesh Panwar

Two interesting developments related to Ripple’s XRP has emerged within a day: 

  1. Binance.US has included XRP/USD trading support in its mobile app.
  2. BRD, the non-custodial crypto wallet has added support for XRP.

Ripple’s Xpring Will Invest In BRD

On 11 October 2019, BRD declared that it has strategically partnered with Ripple. As part of this partnership, Ripple cited that Xpring would make an investment of $750,000 in BRD, and Xpring Senior Vice President, Ethan Beard, stated that BRD is one of the most respected and oldest cryptocurrency wallet providers.

He added that the team of BRD had supported customers on-ramp $6 billion value of fiats into cryptocurrency, presenting them as a perfect partner to continue the adoption and proliferation of digital currencies such as XRP to deal with the real-world issues.

Then, on 12 February, approximately four months after that declaration, Ripple found that it has more to speak about BRD. 

According to a post published on a blog of Ripple’s “Insights”, Ripple cited that BRD has been the rapid-growing consumer cryptocurrency wallet across the globe, having above 3 million users from 170 nations. Furthermore, it has added support for XRP in its wallet, first for iOS and then for Android.

Aaron Voisine, Co-Founder of BRD, cited that XRP would emerge as one of the first currencies in new Blockset product of BRD. Blockset is a hosting solution and enterprise-grade API for blockchain data.

Binance.US Adding Support For XRP In Its Mobile App

Also, on a similar day, the company found out by a tweet which came from Binance’s trading platform for US-based customers, Binance.US, that that the exchange has included support for XRP. Binance.US stated XRP as banking remittance services future — in its mobile app. The tweet became more special because of its using a popular “#XRPTheStandard” hashtag.

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Shailesh Panwar
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