Bitcoin Bug INVDoS Details Revealed After Two Years

Jyoti  |  Sep 13, 2020

A major vulnerability in Bitcoin Core has been identified by the security researcher in the year 2018, but that issue was resolved very soon.

Although the Bitcoin Core team fixed the vulnerability on time, it still decided to keep all its detail private so that the hackers could not exploit the issue.

Technical Detail About INVDoS

Recently, the issue was again highlighted because just a few weeks ago, another cryptocurrency detected the same kind of vulnerability. In order to help the developers of another cryptocurrency, the Bitcoin Core team released the technical details of the earlier, issues. 

As per the report, the cryptocurrency, which has been affected by the vulnerability, is based on the older version of the Bitcoin code. And it is to be noted that, the older version was nit fixed at that time.

The report further stated that the vulnerability found in the cryptocurrency is popularly known as INVDoS, it is considered to be a classic denial-of-service (DoS) attack. 

Bug Affected Thousands Of Bitcoin Nodes

Notably, in most cases, the DoS attacks are not harmful because they do not have that feature which could allow them to reach out to the internet systems. 

In the year 2018, Braydon Fuller, developer of Bitcoin protocol, found out about this INVDoS vulnerability. He mentioned that with the help of this vulnerability the attackers could easily create a distorted transaction of Bitcoin. And when those transactions were processed through Bitcoin blockchain nodes, the vulnerabilities start consuming memory resources of the server. 

On September 09, Fuller released its paper regarding the INVDoS and stated, “At the time of the discovery, this represented more than 50% of publicly-advertised Bitcoin nodes with inbound traffic, and likely a majority of miners and exchanges.”

Additionally, it has been reported that two years back when the Fuller found out about INVDoS, thousands of Bitcoin nodes operating the Bitcoin Core software have been affected. 

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