Bitcoin Millionaire Count Reaches Near 17,000: Report
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Bitcoin Millionaire Count Reaches Near 17,000: Report

September 11, 2020      Jyoti Singh

Since the time Bitcoin has been introduced in the market, its value has never remained stable. At one time it was less than a cent and then later reached around $20,000. 

In the year 2017, as the digital asset experienced a price rise, many of its in the crypto space become rich. 

Bitcoin Millionaires Around The World

In order to find out, the number of rich individuals, who have been benefitted from Bitcoin, just go through the list of millionaires around the world.

As per the report, Bitcoin has a public ledger, which could help an individual to find out about those people who own BTC worth $1 million.  

Currently, the price of one BTC has reached $10,310 and that means, individual holding at least 97 BTC would be counted as a Bitcoin millionaire.

Buy Bitcoin Worldwide recently released data, notifying that the 60-day average volatility of Bitcoin is 2.39 percent. 

According to this, “On average, the price of Bitcoin has fluctuated by 2.39% each day for the last two months.”

This average volatility in price helps to find out about the millionaires, by either increasing the threshold or by decreasing it.

Also, the Bitcoin Millionaires could be recognized with the help of a number of shared wallets, deterministic wallets and multi-signature wallets.

17,000 Bitcoin Millionaires

BitInfoCharts, while releasing its data, mentioned that presently around 17,000 Bitcoin addresses on different exchanges contain BTC worth $1 million or above. 

Further, in its report, BitInfoCharts revealed that there are some users in the space who owns multiple Bitcoin addresses on different exchanges and their sum total is over $1 million. Also, there are some users who own only one BTC address with the BTC worth $1 million. 

Additionally, it has reported that there are around 158,545 addresses in the crypto space that holds BTC whose value is over $100,000. Also, around 869,463 addresses hold BTC worth not more than $10,000. 

As per BitInfoCharts, out of 16 million addresses, only 0.11 percent could be considered as Bitcoin millionaire.

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Jyoti Singh
Jyoti Singh

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