Bitcoin Rally Continues, Hits Another All-Time High of $28,000
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Bitcoin Rally Continues, Hits Another All-Time High of $28,000

December 28, 2020      Jafrin Ahmed

The price of Bitcoin breaks above $28,000 as the cryptocurrency continues its rally throughout December. Minutes after hitting $28,400, the cryptocurrency slumped down to $27,200 and has subsequently fallen to $26,957 over the past several hours. The digital asset retreated below the psychological $28,000 in the midst of massive profit cashouts by retail traders. The cryptocurrency, however, has now a market value exceeding $500 billion, worth more than Visa, Mastercard, or Walmart.

Bitcoin Hits Another All-Time High of $28,000

Bitcoin had a meteoric rise throughout December 2020. On Dec. 16, the cryptocurrency exceeded $20,000. Four days later, on Dec. 20, it crossed another milestone of $24,000. Earlier today, the cryptocurrency briefly touched the $28,000 mark.

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Earlier this month, blockchain analysis company, Chainalysis revealed that Bitcoin’s resurgence in its price was mainly boosted by institutional investors.

For instance, over the past three months, institutional investors added $11.5 billion worth of bitcoin. Institutional investors were perceived to have driven this record-setting run. Some of them include Anthony Scaramucci’s Skybridge Capital investing $25 million in December. MassMutual investing $100 million in the same month, while Guggenheim invested for up to 10% of its $5 billion macro funds.

With the supply of bitcoins capped at 21 million, investors see the cryptocurrency as a hedge against inflation as governments and central banks continue churning out stimulus packages and money printing in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Bitcoin’s Market Capitalization Exceeded $500 Billion

The initial bull run of the cryptocurrency ignited in October when its price was just about $10,500. The cryptocurrency has nearly tripled since then. The price of the cryptocurrency is almost seven times higher than its price in mid-March, when the global financial market was at its lowest due to the pandemic, taking down the crypto market as well.

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The digital asset has gained by nearly 12 percent on a day to day basis, with its market capitalization exceeding above $500 billion. The dominance index report for the cryptocurrency has also exceeded by 70% for the first time since March 2017.


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