BlockFi Bug Helps an Unknown Man Become Millionaire for a Day
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BlockFi Bug Helps an Unknown Man Become Millionaire for a Day

January 20, 2020      Zain Raza

An anonymous man has revealed he accumulated millions of dollars in Ethereum, by exploiting a bug on BLockfi, cryptocurrency lending platform. He goes by his fake name ‘Zombieslayer970’ said after discovering the bug on BlockFi, he was a millionaire for a day.

The cryptocurrency holder made the revelation on Reddit, he said that he was able to send the same Ether to himself multiple times and ended up gathering 10,050.798 ETH, worth $1,445,907 USD by exploiting Blokcfi’s bug.

By constantly sending Ether to his BlockFi wallet, he kept getting credited without Ethereum ever actually getting transferred from his wallet.

“I was able to send ether over and over again and blockfi would credit the funds when the transaction confirmed, although the ether never left my original wallet because there was not enough gas to complete the transaction,” Zombieslayer970.

After his BlockFi wallet was loaded with Ether, He wanted to make a withdrawal to check how authentic the vulnerability is, but his withdrawal didn’t stand and got terminated a few days later. Zombieslayer970 claimed he has a talk with a few Blockfi’s representatives, who did return his crypto cash, but they banished him from the platform for his flagrantly wicked ways.

Attempts to Soften BlockFI’s Decision Futile

Later on, he said he tried looking for the needle in the haystack to find a way around it. He attempted to take a loan against his balance, but the sign-up page popped up, making his ban by the firm crystal clear.

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“I’m not sure if I would have been able to complete the loan, or if I had just left it alone if I would have been able to earn interest on my balance,” Zombieslayer970.

The crypto holder said he was dejected by the traumatic ban for just using a Blokckfi’s bug for his benefit. BlockFi stated his actions were fraudulent. However, Zombieslayer970 retorted that at max, he should’ve been penalized and not banned outright. BLockFi have thier lips zipped on this matter, for now.


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