Blockstack Pauses Its Mining App For Indefinite Period
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Blockstack Pauses Its Mining App For Indefinite Period

February 11, 2020      Tarulika Jain

Blockstack, the decentralized computing platform halts its “App Mining Pilot” program for an indefinite period. The unique platform rewards the developers for building apps on Blockstack. The app aided in speeding up the growth of user-owned internet.

Pending “Structural” Changes Of Blockstack

The App Mining program helped to grow the total number of apps throughout 2019. While many developers utilize the program, but they were facing various technical problems. The co-founder and CEO of Blockstack announced that the decision is taken due to various pending “structural” challenges, in his blog post.

After the analysis, three main challenges came into the picture.

  • There is a lack of process for objectively fair distribution of rewards to the apps. Thus, Blockstack will aim to design a ranking system for high-quality user experience.
  • The App Mining program lags to track the active users of every decentralized app. Thus, the platform aims to deploy a mechanism which can track the users’ activity without exploiting its privacy.
  • Currently, Blockstack lacks the potential to run the program in the long run. Thus, the independent entity is required to run the program automatically at the protocol level.

What Does The Future Of App Mining Program Hold?

Blockstack initiated the program in 2018 and touched the significant market till now. But, Blockstack PBC will no longer continue with App Mining program. Individual or entities will run any new versions of a program after the launch of Stacks 2.0. Participants in App Mining were aware of the existing challenges, and most of them are solving them, which exhibits an optimistic attitude for the program.

In the blog post, Muneeb Ali, the CEO of Blockstack, thanked the App Miners for the groundbreaking year. Ali is further looking forward to creating a sustainable mining structure for crypto enthusiasts in the modern environment by overcoming the challenges faced.

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