Brush Up Your Knowledge About Decentralized Apps
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Brush Up Your Knowledge About Decentralized Apps

June 1, 2020      Aditya Nagar

Cryptocurrency is filled with so many relevant topics including Bitcoin, altcoins, blockchain, soft fork, and a hard fork, escrow, whales, and lot more. Among these terminologies, there is also a term called Dapps. So are you familiar with Dapp’s meaning? If not, then know it well. Besides being a buzzword, there is however no firm definition of it. However, we are going to provide you with knowledge about decentralized apps.

Knowledge About Decentralized Apps

In simple words, Dapp is a decentralized application that operates on a network that is decentralized and utilizing its resources. If you want to grasp the knowledge about decentralized apps or Dapps, then better understand its special features that include:

Consensus Mechanism

While getting knowledge about decentralized apps, you need to understand about a standard feature called consensus mechanism that signifies the functioning of the app in a decentralized zone lets users equivalent in data changing. But there must be a medium granting trust on particular transactions or data by network peers.

Decentralized Trust

Decentralized trust is another factor included in the knowledge about decentralized apps. Contrary to centralized applications, decentralized applications are much worthy to bank upon as they are featured with the decentralized network. All the data is stored by Dapps in a decentralized database. In terms of functioning, decentralized computing resources are preferred.

Creating Healthy Economic System

To make the best use of currency in some form, dApp has multiple factors including backing the process of development, igniting underlying network, and providing medium for value exchange by the users, etc. This brings possibility in the growth of the project and the creation of a strong economic system. This is one of the important factors in understanding the knowledge about decentralized apps.

Verifying The Kind Of Application

Accessibility of application source code by members of the network is something that is speculated by decentralized architecture. In an environment, where trust can prove to be risky, it becomes very essential for a user to crosscheck the authenticity of the application. It is indeed an important step to protect one’s data and to be away from scams. The provision of open source code is the best solution for it.

If you are interested to know about the Neo Dapps, then Moonlight, Nash, NEOFish, OxRacers, NEOLAND are some of the top options. And to know about the latest TRON Dapps, then Poloni DEX, RocketGame, TronTrade, WINk, CryptoTree are the top names.

EOS Dapps

Besides gaining knowledge about decentralized apps, you must also know about the working of Dapps on a different platform. Let’s take the example of EOS. After Ethereum, this leading blockchain platform has proved its importance for the deployment and development of Dapps. Today, on the EOS blockchain, there are around 500 EOS Dapps functioning on it. Some of the best EOS Dapps include Poker EOS, VSBet, Chintai, EOSBet, and Dice.


So this is all about Dapps. Besides getting a brief knowledge about decentralized apps, you got to know about some of the best NEO, TRON and EOS Dapps. In cryptocurrency, Dapp is an essential topic, which every budding crypto enthusiast must know about. Dapp stands for decentralized applications. In comparison to centralized apps, decentralized apps are much more reliable. The emergence of decentralized networks started their journey with media sharing protocols including BitTorrent and Gnutella that became user-friendly for downloading the content with much better speed as they could connect with other peers and multiple channels. The other medium is P2P content delivery.

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