Bureau 121 Of North Korea Install 6,000 Hackers In Various Countries, Reveals US Army
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Bureau 121 Of North Korea Install 6,000 Hackers In Various Countries, Reveals US Army

August 19, 2020      Jyoti Singh

North Korea has deployed over 6,000 hackers in different countries like Belarus, China, India, Russia and many more, reveals the US army via a report titled ‘North Korean Tactics’.

According to the report unveiled by the US army, the cyber warfare guidance unit of the country, i.e., Bureau 121, manages the activities of the four of its sub-divisions.

Further, it has been mentioned that to launch a massive cyberattack from North Korea, hackers require a proper IT infrastructure but currently, the country does not have that. 

Financial Crime Divisions In Country Involved In Crypto Crimes

Many of the financial crime divisions in North Korea are involved in crypto crimes, and one of them is Bluenoroff Group, which is a financially motivated group. 

This group has around 1700 members, who are highly committed towards crypto crime“by concentrating on long-term assessment and exploiting enemy network vulnerabilities.”

Lazarus Group is another famous outfit in the country, which had operated many of the crypto exchanges hack.

Between the year 2016-2017, the group released WannaCry malware to compromise the accounts on the exchanges. 

It has been notified that Lazarus Group was the famous financial crime division that hacked Sony Pictures data.

The report further stated that the main aim of the Lazarus Group was to create chaos among the enemy networks by weaponizes their vulnerabilities. 

Currently, the US Army can not tell the exact numbers of hackers, who are part of this division.

Lazarus Group Part Of 2018 Exchange Hacking

As per the report, in March 2020, two of the Chinese citizens were sentenced by the US Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC). It has been alleged the citizens were involved in laundering cryptocurrencies, which actually were stolen in the year 2018, from the exchange.

Additionally, it has been stated that Lazarus Group was part of that hacking. 

A report published recently has claimed that many of the cybercriminals in North Korea are using those coins which can not be traced easily so that they could convert the stolen funds into cash.

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