Buterin Says He Has Never Engaged In Yield Farming
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Buterin Says He Has Never Engaged In Yield Farming

August 14, 2020      Vandana Malik

Vitalik Buterin, Ethereum co-founder recently said in a tweet that he doesn’t get engaged in any kind of yield farming. He made these revelations regarding yield farming through tweets on Friday, August 14. According to him, he only got engaged in yield-bearing DeFi protocols as earlier he had put several coins in Uniswap. He has also mentioned that he took out all of those coins as he has earned a few percent on the fees. 

Buterin connected to DApp builder community 

It has been seen that among all the members of the Ethereum Foundation, Buterin is the only one who is deeply connected to the builder community of DApp. A few of his posts have also encouraged a lot of people to adopt this kind of solution. 

It has been seen that there are some clashes between the core protocol and DApp developers of the Ethereum community. These clashes were seen during ProgPow debates where both the developers team were standing opposite to each other. Few developers and core members were entirely against the idea of such an untested project. However, the DeFi community seems to be quite excited about this project, and they might also join the yield farming mania.

Do not follow exciting trends

In all of his tweets, it has been seen that Buterin has been warning all of his followers to not follow this exciting trend blindly. According to him, the risk is quite high in yield farming for all those who are buying the tokens. He has said that to be in Ethereum, there is no need or necessity to take part in DeFi because one should have proper knowledge of what is going on. As per all of his tweets, it has become quite clear that one should not follow the current trend and there are a lot of ETH DApps that one can explore easily.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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