CardCoin And Payvant To Fund Hennadii Stepanov

Jyoti  |  Apr 29, 2020

CardCoins and the Payvant are the two fintech startups that have come together to sponsor Hennadii Stepanov, contributor of Bitcoin Core.

The Wyoming-based startup, CardCoin, helps its users to transform their gift cards into Bitcoin. The user could either use their phone numbers, receipts pictures or card information while converting the gift card.

CardCoin Converts Gift Card Into Bitcoin

The spokesperson of CardCoin has mentioned that in the year 2019, the startup has helped more than 10,000 users in converting their gift cards whose trading volume was in millions of dollars.

The fintech-driven financial service company, Payvant, allows the users, basically the stores and the online merchants, to process the payments via cards.

On April 28, 2020, CardCoin posted a blog on its website stating that some of the well-capitalized crypto companies like BitMEX, Bitfinex, OKCoin and Xapo that had to lend their support to the developers who works on the fundamental software of Bitcoin.

The spokesperson of the CardCoin appreciated those people who work on the low level and knows every fact and detail about their company. The spokesperson further stated, “We don't see a world in which we work with a successful bitcoin company and that company doesn't also give back to the community”.

Hennadii Stepanov To Get Grant For A Year

CardCoin in its blogpost has mentioned that both the fintech startups would split their grant, they have decided to give to Stepanov, for one year.

While thanking both companies for their grant, Stepanov, who is also popular as Heabsto, stated that in the year 2017, he discovered about Bitcoin. Next year, he decided to make some contribution in it and currently Heabsto is the among world’s most prolific contributors in Bitcoin.

The blogpost by CardCoin further mentioned that most companies who invest in open source projects are those who have been benefitted from the software.

According to Wyoming-based startup, Bitcoin Core is a very important part of Bitcoin’s infrastructure, therefore, it is necessary to test the full nodes carefully.

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