CatalX Enters a New Partnership With Prime Trust

Zain  |  May 8, 2020

CatalX which is under license from the top US Blockchain platform Bittrex has joined hands with Prime Trust, in what appears to be a strategic partnership with the financial institution loaded with the framework for the digital economy. CatalX follows the likes of Bittrex, Binance Us etc and has inked a deal with prime trust.

Highlighting his joy, The cover president of major account of prime trust, Sean Rustau stated that CatalX presence is growing in the Canadian market and they would like to utilise this opportunity to welcome them to the platform and work with them towards building better methods of fund processing, payment settlement etc.

CatalX users from now on will have access to prime trust premium services like its Digital payment service Primepay, for efficient withdrawal and deposits, amongst a host of other features.Prime trust as a company emphasises a lot of compliance of the service and integrity so CatalX would now follow suit and adopt it's KYC and money laundering enable compliance models.

CEO Believes That The Deal Would Help Develop CatalX Further

The CEO of CatalX, Justin Kim also expressed his joy about the deal going through and stated that in this day and age of growing digital assets all around the world, the firm needs to be top of the pile when it comes to compliance, and ergo, the deal with Prime trust. He also added that the company already possessed a secure and robust system to run on but with this deal, features of scalability and better compliance would be added, thus helping it provide a better, smoother and secure experience to its ever-growing number of customers.

Prime Trust has been a trusted model of compliance for many Crypto firms in Canada and back-office systems and also provide the financial infrastructure needed to sustain a digital economy.

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