CEO of Brave Browser Believes Users Undermining the Crypto Rewards

Zain  |  May 6, 2020

While the numbers of brave browser users are growing at a good place and the company now boast over 13 million, not many are enticed by the Crypto features it has got to offer. The users have not taken advantage of the Crypto enabled features on the platform, according to the CEO of Brave, Brendan Eich. The revelations were made by him on May 5, in a twitter live stream, with the CEO of Balance, Changpeng Zhao, on the other side.

The Brave co-founder and CEO confirmed that even after having almost 14 million users, which is probably the highest active number, the wallet activities especially are quite stagnant.  Only about 12.32% of its users have used their wallet in the last one month.

What Separates Brave Browser From The Rest

Eich also explained that whenever a user accesses a browser, activities are noted and evaluated and accordingly, ads are generated. He went on to add that the companies in their ads are spending millions to sell their products and so they turn to these digital ads, with the users having no say in it.  They get tracked, they watch the ads and are not even rewarded for it as the brands make bucks.

Eich explained that Brave Browser tried to break away from this pattern and instead allowed the user to choose to create the content which is clean and they actually wish to see.  The native token of the Brave browser is Basic Attention Token ( BAT)  which is used to reward content creators or people who view ads on the platform.

The CEO believes that since of the users are new, it is essential they're rewarded so that they stay engaged and active on the platform, and this is exactly what is done through the BAT token.  The live stream with CZ came soon after Brave Browser integrated Binance on its desktop version.

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