Chainlink Integrates Into JavaScript Smart Contract Platform Agoric
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Chainlink Integrates Into JavaScript Smart Contract Platform Agoric

October 31, 2020      Jafrin Ahmed

Agoric announces the integration of Chainlink data oracles into its smart contract development platform. The integration will now enable developers to build smart contracts using the JavaScript programming language.

Chainlink Integration Now Live On Agoric Testnet

DeFi, dapps, or any other blockchain apps are generally built using blockchain-native programming languages such as Solidity.

Chainlink’s integration into Agoric will enable developing blockchain apps with one of the world’s most popular and secured programming languages, JavaScript. Thus, potentially opening the doors for the new age DeFi developers.

Agoric CEO Dean Tribble said in the announcement:

“Developers can come to Agoric and use their expertise in JavaScript to create novel DeFi applications previously unachievable. By providing developers with high-quality data and secure oracles from Chainlink, we are able to accelerate our mission of making smart contract development easier for the huge, untapped JavaScript developer community, without sacrificing on security or reliability.”

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Sergey Nazarov, Co-founder of Chainlink, added his remark on the integration:

“Agoric is making important strides towards providing new smart contract tooling to developers, particularly for the large Javascript community. Chainlink ensures that all smart contract developers building on Agoric have access to accurate data and secure oracles, critical components to building high-quality DeFi products across numerous verticals.”

Chainlink integration is now live on the Agoric testnet, with plans for a mainnet launch in the Cosmos network in 2021.

Bringing Data Oracles Into Smart Contract Development Platform

Smart contracts are programs that enable the automatic execution of codes, according to the terms of the contract. Its use cases involve transferring cryptocurrencies from one address to another if the contract terms are applicable.

Meanwhile, data oracles bring real-time data on top of a blockchain network through smart contracts. DeFi projects mainly involve the use of smart contracts into its system to enable the automatic execution of any financial activity on its platform.

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With Chainlink providing secured, price, and activity data to on-chain DeFi protocols, developers can now use the Agoric platform to access Chainlink price oracles data feeds into its smart contract development platform.

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Jafrin Ahmed
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