Changelly Exchange Collaborates With Jaxx Liberty Wallet
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Changelly Exchange Collaborates With Jaxx Liberty Wallet

December 21, 2019      Sandeep Kumar Mishra

Changelly Exchange collaborated with Jaxx Liberty wallet for cryptocurrency trading on Saturday. The API feature of Changelly’s crypto swap has been combined with the Jaxx Liberty app, and this collaboration will enable the users to trade more than 45 cryptocurrencies instantly from inside the wallet interface.


A Brief Look 

Changelly, which is a non-custodial crypto exchange platform has recently formed a partnership with Decentral Inc., a company that has created the Jaxx Liberty crypto wallet. The Jaxx Liberty currently deals with 90 cryptocurrencies and is accessible across mobile, desktop and chrome extension. It also consists of several tools like an in-app exchange, portfolio, news, markets and block explorers. Global users also get a seven-day offer from the wallet.


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What Maggie Xu Said

The CEO of Decentral, Maggie Xu, has stated that they were always passionate to provide crypto services that will enhance the cryptocurrency trading experience for all the users across the globe. Changelly offers fast processing time, high trading limits and competitive rates that are crucial for best user experience. 


He further said that Decentral would be capable of providing one of the industry’s best user experiences for both floating-rate and fixed-rate exchange options with the help of Changelly Exchange. Maggie Xu said that the collaboration would be like a holiday present for the crypto community.


Eric Benz Statement On Collaboration

The CEO of Changelly Exchange, Eric Benz stated that due to his engagement in the crypto ecosystem for a significant time, he was able to witness Jaxx evolution into a product with innovative capabilities. He has expressed sincere gratitude for collaborating with the Changelly integration. 


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According to him, all Jaxx Liberty customers will get the power to carry out swaps instantaneously without leaving the wallet. Eric Benz sees a big opportunity while working with Jaxx Liberty’s team, and this collaboration is one among many steps that are going to take in the future.

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Sandeep Kumar Mishra
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