Charles Hoskinson Praises Roger Ver and The Bitcoin Hash Community

Zain  |  Jun 4, 2020

The founder of Shelly, Charles Hoskinson has stated that he finds Bitcoin Hash community more warm and comforting than its counterpart bitcoin community. He talked about his love and affection for the community and his respect for Roger Ver for sticking to it right from the start.

I dont recall criticizing BCH. I don't really have an issue with their community nor have they ever attacked us. I like roger as a person and will always give him credit for his pioneering work with Bitcoin

He was accused on twitter of being harsh towards Bitcoin Hash but he replied that he doesn't remember doing that ever for anything and also added that it is actually the bitcoin community he now finds a tad bit unbearable at times.  He reiterated his point that he never in any interview criticizes the BCH community and has respect for its creator too and also added that the community has always accepted and has been warm towards him, ergo no reason to condemn. He added that on Reedit the bitcoin hash community has never criticized his Shelly project whereas the bitcoin community has been very hostile, and has changed from the time he initially joined it.

Bitcoin Hash Community Positive While Bitcoiners  Are Not

In order to further emphasize his point, he released a video highlighting the hostility and error of the bitcoin community while paying tribute to the bitcoin hash community. He noted that when he joined back in 2013, he was treated as one of their own by the Bitcoiners but now he is mostly labelled as a scammer by them. Also, his Shelly project gets labelled as obscene and other derogatory terms and thus, turning the early good relationship he shared with them, sour. Charles Hoskinson also spoke about how he met Roger very and other prominent names through reedit.

Charles Hoskinson added that despite the despise, he still is a massive fan of the top cryptocurrency and hold it in high regard. However, he does find the fact that his deep investment in the bitcoin ecosystem isn't acknowledged and despised, bizarre.

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