Chinese Company Jinwowo to Develop Gold Chain For E-Commerce

Zain  |  Apr 17, 2020, 1:42 pm
Chinese Company Jinwowo to Develop Gold Chain For E-Commerce

A report by Yuzhong news,  a cloud signing ceremony was held on April 13 by Jinwowo, a network technology company and Mobile Blockchain Association of China. The ceremony was done to collaborate on the first 'blockchain and e-cig commerce ecology' laboratory in the country which is situated in Chongqing.

The move is made in order to enhance the Trust factor in the e-commerce sector. The 'Gold Chain would be developed by Jinwowo to help the enterprises in this sector with supplier responsibility issues.

The primary focus right now is to firmly establish the blockchain technology in the industry and the laboratory in Chongqing would rapidly accelerate the use and integration of the technology in the e-commerce sector, which would also include cross-border application and development, said the project manager at Jinwowo.

The laboratory would carry out deep research and work on further innovative technology in order to bring the technology on a grand scale to the e-commerce sector.  It would also look to explore how blockchain technology can be integrated into other departments like ecological construction industrialization and more in the business field such as entrepreneurship. For now, the primary focus of the laboratory is to transform the e-commerce sector in the country which is a massive field.

Gold Chain by Jinwowo a Good News Amidst The COVID-19 Pandemic

China has made outrageous development in the field of blockchain. Ever since the president if the country announced last year that China needs to adopt blockchain technology if it wants to lead the race in technological development.  There has been multiple projects and initiatives that have been taken by the government and other hi-tech companies, and although those took a hit due to the pandemic, the deal between Jinwowo and China Mobile Blockchain Association is a sign that things are falling back in place.

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