Chinese Courts Uses Electronic Seals to Secure Sealed Properties

July 6, 2020      Vandana Malik

A recent report by Chinese local media outlet, Global Times, a lot of Chinese courts are using electronic seals which are based on blockchain. These seals have been particularly used to secure and monitor the sealed properties. The People’s Court in Haidian district and several others from different parts of the country are mentioned in the report published by Global Times.

Chinese courts earlier used blockchain to settle litigation activities

It has been mentioned in the report that these blockchain-based electronic seals help to do the video-surveillance of the property. If there will be any kind of damage done to the property, the surveillance camera which is there on the electronic seal will turn on. Along with this, it will also send warnings to the law enforcement staff and the plaintiffs as well. The surveillance camera which is present on the electronic seal is capable enough of capturing the picture of the preparator while giving warning through a voice message. Chinese courts have been using blockchain technology for quite a long time now. Earlier, they have been using blockchain technology to settle the litigation activities.

Blockchain in various sectors 

It is not only Chinese courts which have been exploring the use cases of blockchain technology. Various sectors across the country have started using blockchain technology for different purposes. Banking and trade finance is the major sector which is emerging at the top when it comes to using blockchain technology. Recently, Beijing’s government has also announced a plan in which they are aiming to become a hub for blockchain technology. Along with this, it was also announced that the firm will be working to build a special fund which will be used to invest in blockchain projects. Through support from the government, these blockchain projects will be able to become publicly-listed companies.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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