Co-Founder Of RSK Believes Satoshi Willing Mined Less Bitcoin
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Co-Founder Of RSK Believes Satoshi Willing Mined Less Bitcoin

June 27, 2020      Jyoti Singh

The co-founder of Bitcoin startup RSK, Sergio Demain Lerner, has been analysing the early Bitcoin mining activity, and according to his ongoing research, there is a possibility Satoshi Nakamoto deliberately mined fewer blocks earlier.

The co-founder of the startup recently published a blog post stating that while mining blocks, Satoshi, whom Lerner referred as Patoshi, might have switched off the mining equipment for 5 minutes at every block interval.

Bitcoin Address Holding Satoshi’s Token Show Some Movement

The blogpost further claimed that during its early days, Patoshi mined a vast majority of blocks in Bitcoin’s infancy.

The ongoing research by Lerner also highlighted the number of Bitcoins mined by Satoshi before leaving the project in 2010. However, along with the emergence of new evidence the figure of Bitcoin started declining.

But then things got complicated further when the Bitcoin address which holds Satoshi Nakamoto’s token was signed in by its owner, to prove that Craig Wright did not have its key.

Now, Lerner has been analysing, during the early days of Bitcoin how many miners were active in the market.

Recently, Lerner found new evidence that indicates that when the new blocks were broadcasted, Satoshi decided to not mine Bitcoin any further.

In his blogpost, while explaining the deviation in intervals of mined blocks, Lerner said, “Still it’s possible that Patoshi just turned off his mining equipment for about 5 minutes after mining a block”.

Giving Chance To Newcomers

Lerner further said that may be Patoshi wanted to give a chance to newcomers so that they could get blocks before him, therefore, he might have switched off the mining equipment for 5 minutes.

The co-founder of a startup then stated that another possibility is, maybe Patoshi was making an attempt to correct the block which was mined two times in a row.

Additionally, he mentioned that although Satoshi did not mine many blocks during earlier days of Bitcoin, he did make sure that in every 10 minutes enough blocks were mined.

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