Coinbase Announces Work From Home Due To Coronavirus Epidemic
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Coinbase Announces Work From Home Due To Coronavirus Epidemic

March 3, 2020      Javeria

Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase, tweeted on 2nd March that some of the employees of the firm would work from home due to Coronavirus outbreak. This comes after Coinbase shared its plan for the firm regarding Coronavirus spread worldwide and recommended its employees to be prepared for the upcoming phase.

Just after an hour of Coinbase tweeting about working from home, Ryan Selkis, the founder of Messari tweeted a message stating that the firm would go remote first and would dismiss its business travel plans for a couple of months.

The CEO of Coinbase shared the updated work plan of the firm focussing on the impact that the coronavirus outbreak had on the company since January.

Armstrong commented that besides Japan, they have started to see instances of COVID-19 in the area of SF, Chicago and Portland offices. There are a handful of cases that came up in Chicago and one case in New York.

Among the measures Coinbase suggested to prevent community transmission, one was to limit travel, particularly outside the country. It says that the employees who are at higher risk of getting the infection would work from home. The firm is restraining business travel to the places where the chances of infections are high, including China, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Italy.

It might not be the best solution but would help slow down the growth of infections as well as prevent the employees from getting it, noted Coinbase.

Messari To Go Remote First

Messari CEO announced that the firm would also work remotely and would not stand idly by while the epidemic is affecting employees. Selkis stated in a report posted on Messari’s website that due to the inadequate response of the US govt for controlling Coronavirus, the new york-based company would go remote-first indefinitely. He further noted that although the employees of the firm are young and healthy, they don’t want to risk anyone’s life.

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