Coinbase Adds Support for Using PayPal to Purchase Cryptocurrencies
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Coinbase Adds Support for Using PayPal to Purchase Cryptocurrencies

April 30, 2021      Sahaj Sharma

Leading cryptocurrency exchange app Coinbase has extended support for funding your account using PayPal making an addition to its existing options to purchase cryptocurrencies. This new support by the app makes it very convenient for the users to add currency to their account, which can be used to buy BTC, ETH, or other altcoins listed on the platform.

Coinbase to Allow Using PayPal to Buy Cryptocurrencies

Anyone familiar with the crypto world must know that Coinbase is a significant name in the crypto industry, and it is a platform that allows its users to buy, hold, and sell various crypto assets. 

In order to transfer some cash into a digital coin, one can add funds to a Coinbase account and then make use of those funds to purchase cryptocurrencies.

Multiple options are available to the user to fund their account, and they include linking your verified bank account, wire transfers, and even linking your authorized debit card with the platform. 

The latest addition to the options to fund your account is through PayPal, which is an online banking platform that can be linked to your account.

Various Funding Options and Their Use

Before jumping to add funds in excitement for investing in cryptocurrencies, you should know the various advantages that are there for different options to fund your account. 

Wire transfers are used for adding large funds and on the other hand, bank accounts linked to the platform allow the user to process orders instantly.

Most recently, the latest addition of PayPal to the list of options is the convenient way of linking it with the platform in comparison with a checking account.

In accordance with the recent revelations from the Coinbase officials, the latest support is only available to customers based in the United States. 

Also, it notes that the funds are pulled from the bank accounts that are linked to the PayPal account.

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Sahaj Sharma
Sahaj Sharma

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