Coinbase Open-Source Project Rosetta Integrates Bitcoin Implementation
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Coinbase Open-Source Project Rosetta Integrates Bitcoin Implementation

September 23, 2020      Jyoti Singh

After launching the blockchain integration toolkit Rosetta on its platform in June, San Fransico-based crypto exchange Coinbase announced to increase its interface to Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Now, the exchange has started to fulfill its promise related to Rosetta.

Rosetta-Bitcoin Allow developers To Add Feature

On September 23, Coinbase introduced Rosetta-Bitcoin in order to expand out the blockchain integration toolkit to Bitcoin.

Rosetta-Bitcoin is an implementation of Rosetta with the help of which the developers can add features. 

The blockchain projects like Filecoin, Celo and Blockstack have lent their support to the open-source project of Coinbase.

It is to be noted that when the developers create a product for multiple chains, they face a lot of problems and that is because each blockchain is different from one another.

As per the report, Coinbase’s Rosetta, “streamlines the development of cross-blockchain applications such as block explorers, wallets, and dapps.”

Coinbase has recently mentioned that except for Bitcoin, 20 blockchain projects are ready to implement Rosetta.

While making its announcement, Coinbase discusses the problems faced by the developers. The exchange stated that many of the developers on Coinbase’s platform have been trying to add Bitcoin but they face problems like interrogating the account balance and constructing transactions without importing the private keys.

Program In Single Command

The notification released by Coinbase mentioned that Rosetta-Bitcoin will help the developers with all the problems.

Further, it has been stated that the developers do not need any configuration and also the program could be started with a single command.

The Tech Lead at Rosetta, Patrick O’Grady, has recently stated that the team of Coinbase is regularly refining Rosetta and reviewing contribution. 

This will help those developers, who haven’t stepped into Bitcoin or blockchain, to get involved in blockchain development.

Grady has stated that being a good tool, Rosetta-Bitcoin will allow the developers to use Web 3.0. 

Grady believes that Rosetta-Bitcoin is just the beginning for developers. Soon they might experience Lightning support and other features.

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Jyoti Singh
Jyoti Singh

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