Crypto Advocate Jonathan Herzog Running For US House of Representatives

Zain  |  Jun 4, 2020

Jonathan Herzog who has been vocal in his support for the cryptocurrency is running for US house of representatives. He faces stiff competition in the form of Jerry Nadler who has occupied the spot in New York 10th Congressional District since 2013. Herzog was a staff member of Andrew Yang, who himself was running for the Presidential elections before dropping off the race eventually.

Yang was an ardent supporter of cryptocurrencies and now Herzog seems to follow in his footsteps as he has been talking about bitcoin and Ethereum a lot lately.  In a recent tweet, he mentioned that the future belongs to decentralized and open source and also promoted himself on 23 by saying that the time has come for the US House to have a representative who knows what bitcoin is, such as himself.

He also fired shot at his nemesis by stating that Nadler has been sleeping on cryptocurrencies.  Yang was a big advocate of bitcoin universal basic income and Jonathan Herzog is vouching for the same.

Jonathan Herzog Clearly an Underdog 

The young candidate who is 26 years old has received a warm response from the crypto community who are happy to have someone like him to get involved in the race especially after Yang backing out from presidential election disappointed them.  However realistically, many believe his campaign is solely running on these two agendas of cryptocurrencies and Universal basic income and believe that this might not suffice.  A reedit user believes that while Jonathan Herzog defeat is inevitable it would be good on his part to support others who might have a chance and believe in universal basic income. Media is not holding their horses too and a New York magazine has already declared Nadler as a winner.

However, the crypto community continued to wish an underdog miracle happens and he wins his district. A progressive crypto voice in the US house of representatives has got a nice ring to it, according to them.

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