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June 23, 2020      Tarulika Jain

Mining is one of the base concepts associated with the existence of cryptocurrency. It is a process to validate and update the transaction on Blockchain and is, therefore, responsible for the existence of Bitcoins. As the crypto space is diversifying gradually since the hype of the skyrocketed price of Bitcoin, a number of services and products are developing day-by-day to extend the crypto revolution all across the globe. One of the concepts which is getting popular is that of Cloud Mining. Crypto forums are flooded with a variety of questions about the working, service providers, costs incurred, free or paid services, and many more, all related to cloud mining. In this article, we are going to discuss about free Bitcoin mining pool along with a brief introduction to Bitcoin cloud mining.

Bitcoin Cloud Mining | Brief Introduction | Free Bitcoin Mining Pool

Bitcoin cloud mining

In simple words, cloud mining can be defined as the service offering “remote cryptocurrency mining” which is offered by hosts (people owning and selling cloud mining services) having a huge collection of mining rigs with required facilities. Cloud mining services are generally provided by big corporate houses having rig hardware like GPUs, motherboards, etc, and Bitcoin mining software in an appropriate infrastructure with minimal electricity bills and air conditioning.

Accessibility and lower costs are the two major reasons which are making the services related to cloud mining popular. Mining enthusiasts with minimal resources can indirectly involve themselves in the mining process through cloud mining and that too at much lesser costs involved in the actual mining process. Is cloud mining profitable? Cloud mining is profitable only after a certain investment of time and money. There are paid (Genesis Mining, Hashflare, and many more) and free cloud mining services available for the crypto enthusiasts. In the next section, we will throw light on Bitcoin cloud mining free services.

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Free bitcoin cloud mining

Bitcoin cloud mining can be availed in two ways: free and paid. The basic differences between free and paid services are related to initial cost and the control on the mining process. In free cloud mining, one can be involved in the mining process without any initial fees. You can select a free Bitcoin mining pool out of the number of options available in the crypto space offering a variety of features to mining enthusiasts.

How does free cloud mining work? In free Bitcoin cloud mining, users are not required to pay any initial fees but have to give certain portions of monthly revenue along with the cost of electricity and maintenance fees. For newbies, free Bitcoin mining can be a good option to understand the process along with gaining some coins.

Free Cloud Mining Websites In 2020 | Free Bitcoin Mining Pool

Now that your crypto mining nerve has been triggered and you got a brief overview of cloud mining, so let us now discuss about free Bitcoin cloud mining websites available in crypto space.


MinerFarm is one of the widely acceptable free Bitcoin mining pool available for cloud mining services. As a trustworthy and approachable service provider, MinerFarm offers you a variety of features while the mining processes. To attract the interest of mining enthusiasts, at the initial stage of registration only, the website offers the free 100Gh/s to the new users. With easy and quick withdrawals of the coins earned, MinerfFarm facilitates the customers with 24/7 customer support.


Multi mining
Multimining Bitcoin cloud service providers offer both paid and free cloud mining services. Initially, it grants 30 GH/s as a lifetime plan at the time of registration. One of the unique features of Multimining website is that it provides you the opportunity to earn passive income also or services of Affiliate Marketing. They have a referral program that earns you the commission and bring traffic to their website at the same time. Multimining is one of the recommended free Bitcoin mining pools available.

Swiss Gold Global

Swiss gold global (1)
Swiss Gold Global is another hosting platform that can be utilized for free Bitcoin cloud mining along with Ether. Two of the striking features of SGG are daily payouts and security protocols offered to their customers. The company facilitates four different contracts which range from $250 to $5000 to the customers registering on their website. Affiliate marketing is one of the features which gravitates the people interested in the mining process towards Swiss Gold Global. It also gives the feature to convert commissions to lifetime contracts. With ten years of experience, SGG stands out as a  leading free cloud mining platform.


Nice-minerNice-Miner acts according to its name as it does not give you the hassle of purchasing Bitcoin mining hardware to initiate the Bitcoin cloud mining process with no initial fees. To attract traffic to their website, it provides a free registration bonus, and also a bonus of up to 15% with Affiliate marketing. Being slightly different from other websites, Nice miner has listed three different packages, based on time period, i.e, 3 months, 5 months, and lifetime (rather on the basis of USD). With the affordability of packages offered by Nice-Miner, it offers the opportunity to enroll in the process of Ethereum Cloud mining besides that of Bitcoin.

Summing Up

Either free or paid, Bitcoin cloud mining is getting popular among both the novice and advanced traders. But before choosing any of the services, security measurements must be properly taken care of because cyber scams are getting sophisticated day-by-day as the crypto industry is diversifying all across the globe. As my personal suggestion, do research carefully about the historical trends, team members, reputation of a host platform, and also the competitive rates mentioned by the cloud mining websites.

Cryptocurrency is here to stay and can be the future of the financial payment system. So, ultimately the mining process will be captivating the interests of professional miners and those who wish to earn cryptos from the mining process. Even though the latest event of Bitcoin halving in May 2020 had halved the Bitcoin rewards from 12 BTC to 6.25 BTC, cloud mining websites did not experience any decrease in traffic on their websites. Thus, if you are a mining enthusiast, then at least once, you must calculate the costs incurred by the Bitcoin mining calculator and choose any free Bitcoin mining pool to avail of the services.

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