Crypto Community Enjoys Pranks And Jokes On April Fools Day
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Crypto Community Enjoys Pranks And Jokes On April Fools Day

April 2, 2020      Jyoti Singh

Amid the outbreak of Coronavirus, the crypto community had fun on the April Fools Day.
One of the pranks was regarding CoinMarketCap, the community notice that while surpassing the Bitcoin volume, Toilet Paper Token, listed top in CoinMarketCap report.

Satoshi Nakamoto’s Prediction

Another quite hilarious prank was about Satoshi Nakamoto. News broke in the crypto community that Satoshi Nakamoto already knew about the outbreak of Coronavirus and predicted it in the original Bitcoin whitepaper. The prankster fabricated the image of Introduction, very wisely, therefore, people started believing this story. But as the day ends the prankster accepted that the story was not true and the Introduction image is fabricated.

Trust Wallet also played a prank and tweeted that it has been confirmed that the Australian computer scientist and entrepreneur, Craig Wright, is Satoshi Nakamoto. Another rumour by Finance Magnet stated that Wright won the case against Kleiman, as the former was able to make a transaction from that Bitcoin wallet which belongs to Satoshi Nakamoto.

A report suggested that soon the online adult entertainment platform, Porhun would launch its own cryptocurrency PORN. In an announcement, it was mentioned that the token’s mining system would be controlled by Proof of Jerk.

Joke Or Fact?

However, there was some news which appeared to be true. As it was an April Fool’s Day, therefore, the people were not able to understand whether some broadcasted news are true or just a gag, like news about Monero. The open-source cryptocurrency released an article, stating that according to research, Satoshi Nakamoto is the founder of Monero. Although many publications houses confirmed this news, as the news was out on April 01, 2020, therefore, the people are not ready to accept this as a fact.

Another news which people do not believe is true, is Binance acquiring CoinMarketCap of $400 million.

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Jyoti Singh
Jyoti Singh

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