Crypto Experts Optimistic for Bitcoin, Believes BTC Will Replace Fiat Currency by 2040 in ‘Hyperbitcoinisation’
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Crypto Experts Optimistic for Bitcoin, Believes BTC Will Replace Fiat Currency by 2040 in ‘Hyperbitcoinisation’

July 20, 2021      Sahaj Sharma

A survey by has revealed that 50% of the crypto experts believe Bitcoin (BTC) will replace fiat currency in a process called ‘Hyperbitcoinisation.’ Talking precisely, 40% of the experts predict the replacement of fiat currency to happen by 2040.

Survey Reveals Bitcoin Will Replace Fiat Currency in Hyperbitcoinisation by 2040

In accordance with the metrics obtained from the survey conducted by, 15% of the crypto experts believe Hyperbitcoinisation will be occurring by 2035, while 10% believe it will be occurring as early as 2030.

Moreover, the survey found out that 44% of experts believe Bitcoin does not have enough potential to replace fiat currencies.

Talking about the experts that took part in the survey, there are some big names from the industry.

Alex Mashinsky of Celcius Network, Jonathan Zeppettini of Decred, James Harris pf CryptoCompare, Xavier Segura of Morgan Creek Digital, Paul Levy of Brighton Business School, Joseph Raczynski of Thomson Reuters, and Bobby Ong of CoinGecko, are some of the major renown names who participated in the survey.

South American Countries Scrutinizing Declaring BTC a Form of Currency

Interestingly, this much development in the discussions regarding the future of BTC has come after the flagship cryptocurrency has been declared a legal tender in El Salvador.

Furthermore, several South American countries, including Brazil, are scrutinizing the decision of declaring Bitcoin as a form of currency.

Addressing this situation, Sagi Bakshi, the CEO of Coinmama, said:

“All eyes on El Salvador now – some mocking, some crossing fingers. I am sure that their use case will be a great example of innovation and fast penetration. Financial services will be built on top of a public ledger, and the naysayers will be surprised.”

On Bitcoin price prediction, the respondents acknowledged that despite a short-term price correction, the asset’s price would surge to $318,417 as of December 2025. As per the participants of the survey, the carbon footprint issue is a major concern that will impact the price of Bitcoin in the long term. 

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