Cryptographic And Biometric Tech May Improve Conveyancing Industry ID Verification

Jyoti  |  Jun 2, 2020

The conveyancing industry of the UK could use cryptographic and biometric technology in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to HM Land Registry, the recent method which is used for verifying the identities has been outdated. The HM Land Registry further mentioned that during the whole verification process it is very difficult to maintain social distancing.

Microchip-Enabled Passports For Digital ID

A report released by LawGazette has stated that the Law Society, Council for Licensed Conveyancers and the Chartered Institue for Legal Executive has joined hands with the government agency to promote the use of microchip-enabled passports along with cryptographic and biometric checks.

The Deputy Chief Executive at HM Land Registry, Mike Harlow, recently shared his views via a blog post regarding the benefits of technology for the industry.

The blog explained that the whole of the data of user would be stored in a passport or ID card microchip which could be accessed via a smartphone-based app, at any time.

Harlow in his blog post further mentioned, “We believe that cryptographic and biometric checking of identity, using microchip-enabled passports or identity cards, might present a new, robust and convenient answer to the need to maintain social distancing while verifying an applicant’s identity.”

Law Society Solicitors Using Digital ID Checks

Simon Davis, President of the Law Society, has recently stated that some of the attornies are already using this digital ID checks to verify the identities of the buyers and the sellers. He further mentioned that in recent time, when the social distancing has become part of everyone’s life, it would be beneficial, if the adoption of ID checks starts rapidly.

Davis has claimed that the cryptographic and biometric ID checks would help the users in reducing fraud and it would also enhance the services offered by the conveyancing, not only during this COVID-19 period but after that also.

He has added that while working with HM Land Registry the Law Society, they would research about the secured and reliable products for generating the results needed by the solicitors.

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