Dash Nigeria Expand its Educational Campaign For Regulators
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Dash Nigeria Expand its Educational Campaign For Regulators

August 27, 2020      Vandana Malik

Dash Nigeria, a crypto educative awareness drive in Nigeria has decided to expand its campaign beyond educating the common people and include regulators and key financial institutions to expand their reach and impact. Nathaniel Luz, an award-winning libertarian and author of “Digital is the Cash” book and the leader of the campaign revealed that they have partnered with the 125 member Fintech Association of Nigeria whose community “cuts across various sectors of the economy including financial services solutions providers and banks.”

Dash Nigeria has also partnered with another crypto educational movement called Campus BCAT which has been active in the Nigerian province since 2019.

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Luz is aiming to educate people about digital currencies. According to Luz, he wrote this book after seeing a huge need to educate people about the crypto market. This is because the majority of people in Nigeria are unaware of what cryptocurrency is and how it could be useful. 

Earlier, Nigerian fintech enterprises have also introduced Bitcoin through a popular reality TV show. The main aim of doing this was to make people aware of digital currencies and crypto space as through this show, cryptocurrency emerges to be in a limelight.

Luz believes African crypto literature focuses on trading

While talking about the main aim of writing the book, Luz has said that African crypto literature focuses more on trading. According to him, before learning about crypto trading, people need to get introduced to the very basics of digital currency. In order to stand in the emerging crypto market, limited knowledge about one is not enough. 

The book by Luz is helping both the Africans as well as non-African readers to learn about Dash cryptocurrency. It is reported that ever since the book has been published, it is distributed among the universities, regulators, institutions, and individuals as well. 

Book is getting positive feedback

The book was published back in 2019 and it has started getting really positive feedback from the readers. Luz has also expressed his great satisfaction with the feedback he is getting from all the readers. This book is also available in different languages so that it can reach more and more people and educate them about digital currencies. Luz is also aiming that through this book and making people aware of digital currency, there will be a huge crypto adoption in the region as people will start seeing the potential that digital currency is having.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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