DC Comics Artist Collabs To Release Batman NFTs
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DC Comics Artist Collabs To Release Batman NFTs

October 13, 2020      Jafrin Ahmed

Artist of DC comics franchise Jose Delbo has collaborated with crypto artist Trevor Jones to produce four NFT artworks featuring even the popular DC superhero Batman.

The high-profile collab comes amid the recent art frenzy where investors pick up NFT arts for upto thousands of dollars. Even the NFT crypto market is also seeing quite a positive performance this year.

Looking Forward To A Booming Digital Art Industry

Jose Delbo’s works have been featured in the popular DC Comics series ‘Wonder Woman’, also on the ‘Transformers’ series for Marvel Comics, among other artworks. He expects that the digital art industry will pick up at a rapid pace shortly.

The DC artist tells crypto publication Decrypt, “More and more it feels like the future is digital and while I believe there will always be a sure place for physical art, I have really been enjoying creating digital art for this space.”

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The Thursday release will feature Batman as NFTs arts. The collaboration consists of four artworks where two will be based on animations and the other two illustrations/paintings. All the artworks will be sold on MakersPlace, a crypto art website.

Merging Art With Blockchain Tech by Jones  and Delbo

Trevor Jones represents the upcoming crypto artists, that like merging art and tech on blockchain tokens instead of canvasses while adding “Galleries and artists everywhere are struggling terribly with the canceling of exhibitions and art fairs but in times of crisis people indeed turn to the arts for respite so now the art-loving tech-savvy are getting their fill of art via NFT marketplaces.”

Jones believes that NFT offerings can be expected for more in the future. The art colleges and artists, commercial galleries, and auction houses that don’t adapt to the new ways of creating, selling, investing in, and displaying art will eventually become obsolete.

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Both Jose Delbo and Jones have experience in selling digital art ranging from 20 ETH to over 150 ETH ($7,400 to $58,000). Their upcoming collaboration is expected for even higher value as part of the auction on Thursday, October 15, 2020.

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Jafrin Ahmed
Jafrin Ahmed

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