Discussions.app Announces its Expansion to Telos Blockchain Network
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Discussions.app Announces its Expansion to Telos Blockchain Network

September 5, 2020      Vandana Malik

Discussions.app, a social media network has announced that it is now moving to Telos. Telos is one of the most active blockchain networks and the news of this expansion was announced by the firm on Thursday. 

Both the firms are partnering on a decentralized identity system and are aiming to help people record their Twitter accounts on blockchain. This will help people find out anyone easily even if they have been banned or locked out from Twitter. 

Discussions.app Aims to Provide Users Control Over Their Social Lives

With this announcement, it is revealed that ever since its launch, the firm has always aimed to help people have control over their social lives. Jacques Xu, co-founder of Discussions.app, has said that Telos will be helping the firm accelerate its main mission. He also said, “This is more than just a partnership, it’s a collaboration to build a fairer and more sustainable way forward.” 

It has been seen that several social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube have often banned people from crypto communities without even giving any notice. Now this collaboration between Telos and Discussions.app will help people easily reconnect with those whose accounts have been banned. 

Users Will Be Able to Migrate from Any Social media

It is specified that Discussions.app along with Telos will be helping the users to be able to migrate from any social media platform. This will be done using the decentralized identity system. The users will only require their unique ID and with the help of this, they can move to any platform like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and many others. With this you do not have to remember every single person as the complete record will be saved on the blockchain. Both firms are aiming to change the complete scenario of these social media platforms.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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