Donations in Bitcoin Helping Italy in Fighting Corona
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Donations in Bitcoin Helping Italy in Fighting Corona

April 7, 2020      Zain Raza

In a town near Rome, called Gandolfo, Italian Red Cross constructed an advanced medical post (AMP) for pre-tiage. The AMP was purchased with funds raised with bitcoin donations done in a fundraising campaign to fight the Covid-19 emergency in Italy, which has caused severe damage. Around euro 29,350 in bitcoin was raised to sid the cause.

Donations in Bitcoin Help in Gathering The AMP Essentials

AMP is a mobile Medical Centers set up and used in times of a crisis to assess patients who need instant attention and treatment. The AMP was turned into points of contact when the patients in need of urgent treatments come and receiver testing and treatment.

Italy, along with Iran and the US, is probably the worst-hit countries with the coronavirus. The pandemic has caused a vast 15,800 people have lost their life at the time of writing.

However, there is a glimmer of hope now for the country as after a very long time, the death rate is dropping down, restoring believe that the peak death period is over now.

The Colli Albani Committee set up a way to raise funds and on March 13 and donations in Bitcoin started to pour in. They managed to raise $10,825 in bitcoin within just three days. The AMP now is fully operational after the funds received from bitcoin was used to buy the essential stuff.

After raising a total of 3,6873 in BTC, the campaign stopped on April 7. Bruno Pietrosanti, president of the Colli Albani committee, stated in a Helperbit blog post that he’s elated to have converted the bitcoin funds received into tangible help. He also thanked the bitcoin community in coming together to aid the Italians.

A total of 3,6873 bitcoin was raised in the fund, and the campaign was closed on April 7. Donations in Bitcoin being used in times of need is nothing new and its a good thing that even in catastrophic times likes these, bitcoin is playing a part.

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