Electron Cash, a Bitcoin Cash Wallet Implements a Reusable Payment Addresses Feature

Sahaj  |  Aug 16, 2021

A leading Bitcoin Cash Wallet, Electron Cash, has recently implemented a brand-new feature that is called Reusable Payment Addresses. Though the feature is still in its testing stages, this feature is a tool that can be grasped to acquire an enhanced level of privacy for your dealings, due to how it unfastens public addresses from payment history, providing Bitcoin Cash with capabilities similar to Monero.

Bitcoin Cash Wallet Electron Cash Introduces RPA Feature

Most recently, the developers of Bitcoin Wallet Electron Cash introduced a Reusable Payment Addresses feature that is still in the stages of development. RPA will be reportedly allowing the users to have another layer of privacy while conducting a transaction.

When a user gives another user a payment address, it also gives away the complete story of the payments that are linked with it, along with the balance that it contains.

However, for the users with privacy being a major concern, every single time a user posts an address, it clearly implies that the financial information of the body is exposed.

RPAs aims to solve this issue by providing an alternate address that is different from the conventional public addresses, Paycodes. They are different because they are not linked with the history of the user, and hence, they can be shared without any issue.

BCH’s RPA Feature Implementation to Enhance Privacy

Bitcoin Cash is adding up more and more privacy options and is offering Monero-like services to its users.

When combined with CashFusion, RPA offers a comprehensive suite that is privacy-oriented for users who love privacy.

In addition to this, it should be noted that the generalization of this feature would create an opt-in feature that could be useful for the companies such as restaurants and others who don’t have any intentions to reveal their cash flow. 

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