Electrum Announces New Release to Fix macOS Big Sur Issues
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Electrum Announces New Release to Fix macOS Big Sur Issues

November 19, 2020      Vandana Malik

Electrum Bitcoin wallet has been facing a lot of problems due to the recent Mac update. Now wallet’s team has announced that they have now fixed this issue through their new release. According to the firm, their new release, 4.0.5 fixes the issue with macOS Big Sur. It is good news for all the MacOS Electrum clients as they were facing some major issues. The users were unable to load the wallet after this new software update. 

Electrum Developer Believes Issue Related to Python

SomberNight, the developer of Electrum, has stated that the major reason behind causing such a huge problem has not been revealed yet. However, he believes that it might be somewhere related to how Big Sur treated Python as it is the coding language of the wallet. 

It is now stated that Electrum users who wish to work around this problem can run the software from the source. Otherwise, they can also install the older version of Python into their software, which will also help them to tackle the problem. 

Apple Big Sur Updates Causing Problems

Even though Electrum has solved the issue, it is not the first time that Apple update has caused problems. Last week, the release of version 11.0 has led to the shutdown of Mac hardware, which was running the latest update across the world. The team has discovered that this error was related to the Big Sur update and the reason is the OCSP requests that it uses. Whenever the user opens any online or offline application, Big Sur sends the OCSP requests. In case this request fails, the computer will also fail and stops working. This might be causing some major problems to Bitcoin users as well because every time the user will use a wallet or any other Bitcoin-related service, this request will be activated.

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Vandana Malik
Vandana Malik

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