Empire Market Becomes Victim Of DDoS Attack, Went Offline For 36-Hours, Tweets Dark.fail

Jyoti  |  Aug 24, 2020

World’s largest darknet markets, Empire Market, recently went offline for more than 36 hours, sources reported. 

Since the year 2019, for the first time, the market fell and many of the researchers and analysts at Dark.fail started tweeting about it.

Edgy DNM Empire Patrons 

For more than a day and a half, DNM Empire remained offline and since then, its patrons have been a bit tense.

The Empire stats page of the web portal mentioned that it was the darkentstats.com website who first found out about the market being down and not working. 

Even the users of Dread, a discussion forum like Reddit, started sharing their views on the recent activity of the darknet market.

According to the reports, since the time DNM Empire collapses, the public is regularly being informed about its activities through a thread of tweets by Dark.fail.  

When the instigated and artificial traffic overpowers the targeted server to interrupt the normal traffic, DDoS attack takes place.

Dark.fail Regularly Updating 

Notably, for the past few months, the darknet market and deep web forums have become the victim of severe DDoS attacks.

Dark.fail, while tweeting about DDoS attacks on the Empire market, stated that currently, it has become a bit difficult to connect with the darknet market. It further tweeted, “Monero functionality appears broken, Bitcoin is functioning according to multiple trusted sources. Always PGP verifies URLs, many phishing links are circulating.” 

As per the report, in today’s time, the world's two largest darknet markets are the Hydra marketplace of Russia and the Empire Market.

The day the Empire market went offline, it claimed that many of its competitors wanted to see it going down, but the market would not go anywhere. On the same day a few hours later, Dark.fail shared the views of the darknet market through a tweet.

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