ETH2.0 Research Team Launches Validator Launchpad
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ETH2.0 Research Team Launches Validator Launchpad

July 28, 2020      Jyoti Singh

The research team of Ethereum 2.0 has finally introduced its ETH2.0 validator launchpad on which it had been working very hard for quite a long time along with Consensys and Deepwok Studio.

Ethereum Blog published on July 27, stated that the validator launchpad will allow the users to trace, and make deposits into, the upcoming Medalla multi-client testnet.

Testnet Version Will Move Towards PoS

Presently a testnet version of validator has been released by the developers. In this version, the network of the launchpad will shift towards Proo-of-Stake (PoS).

While announcing the launch of launchpad, the team has stated, “We’re releasing it now so that you can keep track of, and make deposits into, the upcoming Medalla multi-client testnet. But we’ll continue to fine-tune the interface in the run-up to main net launch.”

With the help of the launchpad, the users could easily become an ETH2.0 validator and that too without compromising security and education.

In the next phase, the validator will trace participants and their balances, as it would help in certifying the testnet. 

Testnet Collected 150,000 ETH

According to Danny Ryan, the coordinator of ETH2.0, when around 16,384 validators offer at least 524,288 ETH, Medalla testnet would start operating. 

Ryan further mentioned that if he validators will not be able to reach the given figures by August 2, then after 48 hours the testnet would be launched.

A report published by Trustnodes stated that presently, it is being expected that in the next week, the testnet would be released. While giving an explanation for its assumption, Trustnode stated that presently, the testnet has accumulated over 150,000 ETH which means it has around 30.5 percent of the validators.

A few weeks ago, it was for the first time, the Ethereum blockchain surpassed Bitcoin in trading volume. It is to be noted that recently, most of the crypto users have shifted their interest towards Defi tokens and stable coins and that is the reason ETH’s trading volume increased suddenly. 

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Jyoti Singh
Jyoti Singh

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