Ethereum Based Smart Contract Created In Memorial Of Coronavirus Whistleblower
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Ethereum Based Smart Contract Created In Memorial Of Coronavirus Whistleblower

February 7, 2020      Javeria

Today, around 2:30, someone created an Ethereum smart contract having source codes in the shape of the monument. The Monument contract is created in the memorial of Dr. Li Wenliang, who warned everyone of China’s coronavirus outbreak even before 2020. Dr. Li Wenliang died of the disease midnight Thursday China time, Wuhan Central Hospital confirmed. The source codes of Smart Contract wrote down the biography of Dr. Li and his contribution as one of the first doctors’ alerting people of the outbreak.

The immutable smart contract which now can’t be censored on a blockchain was created amid Chinese netizens showing grief and furor on social media and messaging applications. 

Coronavirus Whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang Died Of Coronavirus

At first, Wuhan Central Hospital denied the reports regarding Li’s death and said that he is in critical condition currently. When the death was confirmed by the Wuhan government, it quickly acquired the top spot at Weibo’s trending news list.

After a few minutes, the topic was dropped in the seventh position, which is not even on the list now. Despite that the #Dr. Li Wenliang passed away# has got more than 1 billion views and 1 million conversations on Weibo. The other hashtag #Wuhan government owes an apology to Dr. Li# has been taken down and searching for the hashtag shows no results now. The hashtag was accessible on Thursday night just after Li’s death confirmed.

Li was one of the eight people to warn others about the seriousness of coronavirus even before the local authority notified the public about the virus being contagious only to get reprimanded by local police spreading false information. Li contracted the virus from a patient at Wuhan Central Hospital and died of it in spite of the tremendous efforts made by doctors to save him.

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