eToro to Delist Tron and Cardano for US Customers Towards the End of 2021

Gitumani  |  Nov 24, 2021

Due to legal concerns, eToro has announced that the social trading platform would remove Cardano and Tron for US consumers before the end of the year. Users may still withdraw ADA and TRX holdings.

eToro to Delist Cardano and Tron for US Customers Near Christmas

US consumers will no longer be able to trade Cardano and Tron on eToro effective December 26. In the area, new ADA or TRX jobs would no longer be available.

The staking capability for both assets will likewise be unavailable on December 31. As stated by eToro, the decision was taken because the two cryptocurrencies are subject to different regulations.

It is still possible for current US consumers of Cardano and Tron to close out their investments at any point. There are no intentions for eToro to force-sell. ADA and TRX holdings in the exchange's Smart Portfolio will be transformed into an open position for consumers to keep or sell in their portfolios.

There will be no selling until Q1 2022, at which point wallets will be in withdraw-only mode. In a surprise decision, ADA and TRX, which have not been linked to regulatory issues in the United States, were added to the list. XRP, on the other hand, has been the subject of an ongoing SEC litigation.

Dangers of a 25% collapse in the price 

Recently, Cardano has lost a substantial footing, putting the cryptocurrency in danger of plunging below $1.26. When the token crossed the bottom border of the dominant chart pattern, the falling parallel channel predicted a 25% drop.

The Ethereum killer's first line of defense is at $1.70, followed by the high of $1.61 on June 15. The Momentum Reversal Indicator (MRI) support line at $1.26 and the July 4 high of $1.49 will provide different footing for the bearish goal.

Cardano price must retake support at the lower limit of the ruling technical pattern at $1.73 and target the October 27 low of $1.80 to reverse the period of underperformance.

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