F2Pool Mined The Bitcoin Halving Block With an Origin Message

Zain  |  May 13, 2020

Bitcoin just underwent one of its most anticipated events the bitcoin halving and when the last block was halved, a little reminder note was latched on to it. F2pool was the mining pool in which block number 629,999, the last of its kind before the new reward of 6.25 BTC was declared. The platform used block explorers to mark this event with a little piece of the origin story of bitcoin.

The Fed has left no stone unturned to breathe some life back into the economy by printing money at an infinite rate, buying ETFs whatnot. Bitcoin was born because of a similar economic crisis after the recession in 2008. They used the two references more than 10 years apart to showcase that the traditional currency and assets with all the mighty support from the government were struggling then, are struggling now but bitcoin, on its own has gone from $0 to where it is now. The code by F2pool also highlights the short term success of bitcoin too. Bitcoin went down along with the traditional assets but jumped right back within a matter of weeks.

They followed this tweet with the current article from NYTimes Highlighting Fed's Struggle.

With $2.3 Trillion Injection, Fed’s Plan Far Exceeds Its 2008 Rescue...

F2Pool Gave a Timely Reminder

Bitcoin was formed in response to the 2008 financial crisis and the US fed was busy with quantitative easing that time. 12 years from that time bitcoin experienced another hardening event, the Fed is still on the same scheme. Many bitcoin users like F2pool used block explorers to thank Nakamoto and to wish each other prosperity and success as these messages would be stored on the blockchain forever.

The COVID-19 pandemic has knocked the life out of the economy but to see bitcoin thrive, survive these times, definitely puts a smile on the face of the cryptocurrency community, just the like coded message of origin shared by F2pool.

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