Filecoin Invites Miners To Participate In Space Race 2
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Filecoin Invites Miners To Participate In Space Race 2

September 15, 2020      Jyoti Singh

After the success of the first phase of Filecoin’s Space Race, the open-source network announces the second phase of the contest.

The notification released by Filecoin stated that the miners, who interested in helping the network for developing its mainnet, can participate in the second phase of the race.

First Phase Of Space Race Got Huge Participation 

Filecoin has mentioned that during the first phase of the Space Race over 356 miners from around the world participated in the project.

The open-source network further mentioned that it was motivated with such a huge number of participation, and therefore, decided to conduct a second phase.

As per the notification, any of the individuals from around the world can start joining the second Space Race from September 14 ad it will run to October 05.

Further, it has been notified that the second phase of the Space Race would have two tracks, in that way community members could analyze every part of the networks and also test it. 

In the first track, the miners will have to continue testing the scale of the network in order to expand its reach. And in the second track the clients an applications of Filecoin and its tools developers can work. 

The whole phase would motivate the miners, clients and tools developers to make storage as well as retrieval deals so that they are ready for the mainnet.

Filecoin’s Space Race Has Two Objectives

Along with the announcement of the second phase of the Space Race, Filecoin mentioned its two core objectives. 

The first objective is to develop a suitable economic stimulation. With the help of this stimulation, they could analyze the factors like block rewards and gas fees and their impacts. 

The second objective is to encourage those market which is strong, global and decentralized storage network. 

Filecoin has mentioned that it might soon release the mainnet network which the open-source network planned to introduce in June 2020.

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